Zabzugu District to become the first 100% ODF District in Northern Region

It is all-joyous moments among the people of the Zabzugu district in the northern region especially the chiefs, political leaders and the environmental health officers in the area. This comes after the Zabzugu district has for the first time made a massive and mind blowing inclusion into the top four of the opened defecation free (ODF) league table in the northern region.


With a progressive performance, they have moved five steps clear over their previous 9th position since the commencement of the Opened Defecation Free (ODF) league table. 

The performed averagely which saw them always at the midtable with some deteriorating points, causing the assembly led by Hon. Ahmed Iddrisu Abubakari put in critical measures to make the fight against opened defecation in the area, more severe.

It could be recalled that in 2018, Adakwa as the DCE is affectionately called, lamented on the shame, and outbreak of diseases the rampant practice of opened defecation is has brought to his district. 

Today, their efforts have paid off after placing 4th position with 79 total score with only 8 points from the top out of 29 MMDAs in the northern region.

Meanwhile, the assembly have promised to do more to move to the top of the table and eventually become the first 100% ODF district  in the region when the next ODF league table is launched.

From just a 205 ODF communities in June 2016, the Northern Region’s ODF numbers had overwhelmingly risen to 1,600 in June 2018.

This rapid achievement puts the Northern Region in a pole position to be the first ODF region in Ghana should the rate of achievement be maintained.

According to the statistics available to our reporter Prince Kwame Tamakloe,  every district in the region recorded a remarkable improvement in ODF achievement over the period.

The introduction of the inter-district ODF League Table in 2016 has contributed to the massive improvement in ODF cases in the region. The bi-annual publication of the league table has introduced a positive competition among the district, each trying to outdo the other and in the process, the entire region has moved forward in the fight against open defecation.

The introduction of various innovations in the CLTS scale-up programme including the Natural Leaders Network, Incremental Approach, Latrine Artisan Training and promotion of latrine business models, and Community Technical Volunteers among others by the northern regional environmental health office and partners such as UNICEF have led to this success story.

By: Prince Kwame Tamakloe 

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