Your ‘Yentie Obiaa’ attitude got us into our current woes- Economist to gov’t

An economist Dr. Julius Kattah has opined that one of the reasons Ghana is faced with economic stress is because the government failed to listen to sound advice from experts and the people who voted for them.

He said although Ghanaians are stakeholders of the economy, the government took a ‘yentie obiaa’ approach in dealing with our problems.

Dr. Kattah posited that it was dangerous, barbaric and destructive for the government to mismanage the economy.

He advised the government to be disciplined as it goes to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to seek a bailout.

On the several calls on the President to sack the Minister of Finance Ken Ofori-Atta, he said, ”it is based on public quality service delivery. The way you deliver is based on the policies you have. It is only based on goods and services that are supposed to be governed by the ISOs’ standards. Policies must be standardised, an implementation must be standard, and delivery must be standardised”.

He explained that one should not come into office and just do anything without understanding the gaps in what you do and how to address them.

To him, if the Minister is fired that would be fine, but if he still remains as the Minister, he should learn through the pipeline.

”The Minister should correct his mistakes and go back to the drawing board and do what is right,” he concluded.


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