Your attack on STRANEK unfortunate, write less, prosecute more-Amidu told

A US based Ghanaian Professor of Law and social commentator, Prof. Stephen Kwaku Aware, who is popularly known as Prof Kwaku Azar has slammed the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu for describing the request by policy think tank Strategic Thinkers Network to investigate the Agyapa Royalties deal as populist and opportunistic.

Martin Amidu responding to the request by STRANEK to have the deal investigated described it as populist and opportunistic.

He stated that it is in the public domain that Parliament and other public institutions have already responded to the Office’s request for the information and document.

STRANEK in its petition among other requests asked the SP to investigate the deal because in their view, it is shrouded in illegality, secrecy and issues of conflict of interest, and is inimical to the interest of the good people of Ghana.

”The deal raises serious concerns which demand your urgent attention. Indeed, it is a deal that has shaken the foundations of our moral and ethical society and left all reasonable-minded Ghanaians perplexed.

It added: ”Your outfit is clothed with powers to unravel the mystery and secrecy surrounding the deal being an office which serves as a specialized independent, preventive, investigatory and prosecutorial anti-corruption agency. We trust you will commence investigations immediately and bring your findings to the attention of all Ghanaians.”

But Mr. Amidu has turned down their request and slammed the leader Nii Tettey Tetteh.

Reacting, the law professor said it was not proper for the SP to have attacked the think tank even if their request had no basis.

This action he suggested will prevent persons with relevant information to give it out.

His opinion which he posted on his Facebook page read: ”A good prosecutor should always welcome leads, information or complaints from the public, even if it turns out that they are not helpful, useful or redundant.

This is because a prosecutor cannot or does not expect the public to know what information he has or does not have on crimes that have been or about to be committed.

Further, a prosecutor should not reveal its sources to the public. Nor should a prosecutor publicly slam an informant for providing information that turns out to be unhelpful. Doing so only freezes others who may have relevant information.

This is why I find the Special Prosecutor’s latest epistle lambasting and shaming Mr. Tetteh of Stranek for allegedly petitioning his office to investigate the Agyapa deal to be astonishing.

In the said epistle, the SP accuses the petitioner of being opportunistic and populist. I demur.

Rather, I think the SP’s actions, obviously calculated to shame the petitioner, will have the negative effect of stopping others from filing such petitions or providing leads to the SP that may turn out to be very relevant.

There is corruption everywhere. The SP must welcome petitions, even if they turn out to be redundant, do more prosecutions and write fewer epistles.”


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