You’II be waiting for a ship @ the airport if you want Wutah to reunite-Kobby

Wutah Kobby, one of the duo of defunct WUTAH music group says although the former group was a formidable and successful brand, it is dead.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DJ Slash on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Wutah Kobby declared the group released great and hit songs but the group will no longer function again.

Wutah Kobby said he is currently a busy artist and would not have time to work on a comeback.

”Wutah is a brand, Wutak Kobby is also a brand. You cannot compare what Wutah Kobby is doing now as a stand-alone musician to the group Wutah. Frankly, Wutah was successful because we still have current songs. People still play Big Dreams, Kotosa nut I have changed my style as a standstill brand. Wutah is no more. Wutah Kobby is now the new brand. I am not sone. I am still a musician.”

He literally stated that waiting for Wutah to reunite is like waiting for a ship at the Airport.

”Ghanaians will no longer see Wutah together as a group. It is like waiting for a ship at the Airport. I don’t know when that will happen.”

When asked the response for going solo, he told the host the response is so far so good and it would take people with an open mind to accept him.

To him, music lovers who love great tunes and good songs will accept him.

Ghanaian music duo Wutah splits for good

This was not the first time the group split.

They separated in 2009 but made a comeback in 2017 with their “Bronya” hit song enjoying massive airplay leading them to win “Best Group” at the 2018 VGMAs.


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