You were misled, GACL is not for sale-Minister to aggrieved workers

The Aviation Ministry has reacted to the protest staged by staff of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) saying they have been misled over the alleged sale of the company.

The Minister Mr. Kofi Adda described the story as a “blatant lie” at a press conference on Thursday.

He explained that the Board of the Company has not commenced negotiations with the proposed strategic partner TAV-Summa Consortium from Turkey even after receiving Executive approval from President Akufo-Addo.

“There is a lot of falsehood in the system. That the Union did not even come to us to ask us about the details…We have not even written to the strategic partner, so how can you say we are selling the company. We have not invited them formally. Yes, they have made presentations to us on what they intend to do.

“There is nothing formal in terms of a technical proposal, financial or whatever. So, I want it to be very clear that there has not been any effort or any attempt to sell the company, to privatise it or to sign an agreement.

“The union has been misled, for whatever reason, I do not know. I do not want to suggest political motivation but if there are politicians behind them well, unfortunately from Ghana everything has been politicised but they are the same ones who will benefit if this thing happens well”.

The Minister further assured workers they will not lose their jobs as reported in the media by some individuals.

Mr. Adda said there are already strategic partnerships between the GACL and private companies in the aviation sector which will serve as an experience for them to negotiate any new strategic agreements.

He insisted the GACL has benefitted immensely from its existing agreements with Swissport Ghana Limited and Aviance Ghana.

He disclosed that GACL has a legacy debt of $300 million from the construction of Terminal 3 of the Kotoka International Airport, a debt which has made it difficult for the company to attract investors.

“The terminal three building and the way it was financed is really a big problem to Airport Company. It was was a well-intended project but the time at which they financed it and the cost of the money is such that it is a big headache to them,” he said.

“The total debt was about $400million but they have been able to part of it and it is down to about $300million and I think they are negotiating to see how they can bring that debt down further. They have done quite well in servicing that debt consistently”.


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