‘You have taken the lead into the future’ – Prof. Enoch Antwi to Centre for Coin Liberty

The award-winning Professor in Leadership and Management at Viterbo University has welcomed the new research centre at the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI).

This was made known at the inaugural launch of the Center for Coin Liberty – a new research centre at ILAPI – on Thursday 16th June 2022 at the Christ the King Parish Hall.

The event, which was graced by Prof Enoch Antwi, had other prominent guests including Mr. Selorm Branttie, Global Strategy Director at mPedigree, Dr. Richmond Abbey, Governance and Security Analyst in Ghana, and Mrs. Afia Asamoa Owusu, Sub Regional Coordination at WADA.

Prof. Enoch Antwi has years of exceptional experience in College Administration, Lecturing, Research, Leadership/Management Consulting, and State Board Testing Management.

He also has an interest in Artificial Intelligence.

He is leading the charge for servant-leadership and fixing Political Leadership corruption in Ghana and beyond and has published three books and several academic papers.

At the inaugural event, Prof Antwi welcomed the Center for Coin Liberty, and provided some suggestions which would help the new research center to achieve its aim of influencing policies and integrating blockchain solutions. The Professor outlined five ways to aid the center to bring about change and achieve its goal of influencing policy for adoptions in Ghana. These were detailed as follows;

 Sense of Urgency – Ghana, and Africa need to know the urgency to integrate blockchain technology specially to solve social problems like corruption that persist on the continent.

 Buy-in with Stakeholders – The Center for Coin Liberty should engage various stakeholders to be successful and achieve the needed impact.
 Momentum – Once the sense of urgency and quality stakeholder engagement is achieved, the focus should be on building momentum for take-off and adoption.

 Celebrate Gains – Every gain is important however small, and the Center for Coin Liberty must celebrate the little gains it achieves in shaping legislation and influencing policies.

 Re-institutionalized the Change – This last step is important to prevent society from taking backward steps and hold on to the new changes blockchain technology presents in making human activities better and more secure.

This suggests beyond reasonable doubt that Prof. Enoch Antwi is happy to see that ILAPI is exploring avenues that have great niches and potential in the future by establishing the Center for Coin Liberty.

The Center for Coin Liberty would use Cardano’s evidence-based methods and research to create constant and continuous public engagement to shape legislation for blockchain adoption. Also, the Center seeks to undertake blockchain policy research, participatory blockchain technology Innovation, and digital assets & adoption strategy.

This would help develop a policy framework through quality stakeholder engagement.

The inaugural event of the Center for Coin Liberty is the beginning of a new chapter and niche in the public policy discourse. The media would essential in stirring public policy conversation to integrate blockchain solutions. The event had about nine (9) media outlets with Cardano and Project Catalyst as partners.

By: Barbara Ophosu/ILAPI

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