You don’t pay the media to determine what is news-Richie told

Music Manager at Muse Africa, NYB has slammed Richie for blaming the media over the latest controversy surrounding Kwami Eugene’s alleged copyright infringement.

He said he had no business determining what should be newsworthy or not.

He noted that Richie goofed in his comments because he is not the one to determine what the media house should publish.

Richie in a recent interview blamed the Ghanaian media for making a Ghana-based Nigerian artiste, Oduma Essan, sue Musician Kuami Eugene for allegedly plagiarising his song.

The singer is claiming part ownership of Kuami Eugene’s ‘Show Body’ hit song featuring Falz, featured on the ‘Son of Africa’ Album, released on October 9.

But NYB says Richie should not have taken the position he took.

Meanwhile, he has stated that no competent court has ruled that Kwami Eugene has sampled a song.

For that reason, he cannot be accused of doing so.

He said top musicians across the globe including Kanye West, Drake, and others all sample songs.

Another critic Chris Tsormanah added that the two songs are different from each other and not similar in any way.

He also agreed that Richie’s attack on the media was needless.

To him, Richie cannot determine what the media should publish.

He also advised Lynx Entertainment to sue the Nigerian musician and websites that published the story.

He said the artiste doesn’t know what he is talking about or it is either he is ignorant.

He added that the Nigerian musician wants to milk the popularity of Kwami Eugene so he would be popular.

The two made the comments on Rainbow Entertainment.


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