You don’t deserve a second term if there’re still Ghanaians without water-Ayariga to Prez

The presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga says President Akufo-Addo can longer demand a second when there are Ghanaians who still lack access to clean drinking water and good roads.

Ghanaians he said are looking for basic necessities of life and these basic necessities are not about building castles in the air but access to good roads, hospitals, water, infrastructure among others.

He said Ghana has borrowed over 60 billion dollars without anything to show for it.

According to his tour of Bole has shown how disappointed the residents are because they are areas without water, health facilities, and other social amenities.

The government he opined is supposed to put in these things to make the lives of Ghanaians better.

He said the ”Wind of change” is coming and his party APC will win the 2020 presidential polls.

To him, Ghanaian people are tired of the politics of the NDC and

NPP because they don’t roll out policies that can transform the lives of the people who voted.

He said if the NPP claims to have done a lot, the election day determine the outcome hence the so-called predictions of one-rouch victory for Nana Addo should not be taken seriously.


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