You cannot commit crime & go scot-free- Kwasi Ofori declares at Pull-out ceremony

The Ghana Police Service has held a pull-out ceremony for Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Samuel Kwasi Ofori after 35 years of service to the nation.

The ceremony was held at the National Police Training School, Tesano, today, Tuesday, July 20, 2022.

Speaking at the ceremony, the retired officer called on Ghanaians to embrace the rule of law.

He said justice must be done in accordance with the constitution of Ghana.

He said “I would like to appeal to all Ghanaians to embrace rule of law, rule of law is when one who commits a crime does not go scot-free”

He stated that we cannot live in a country people break the law with impunity and expects to go unpunished.

He underscored the need for Ghanaians to support the new IGP Dr. Goerge Akuffo-Dampare to achieve the best for us.

He asserted that the people he had worked with were people of compassion, courage, heroism, humanity, bravery and determination.

He said officers in the service are persons who have dedicated themselves to making Ghanaians safe and must be supported.

”See police men ass people who have dedicated their lives to the course of our people,” he added.

He further asked Ghanaians to consider the pressures Police officers face in the line with their work to make the country safer, positing that the Police will do its work better side by side with citizens.

To the media, he said, ”it has been a fruitful journey with you” saying the collaboration with the media has been positive and stressed the need for the media to support all forms of campaigns to minimize crimes in the country.

He also asked the media to be balanced its narrative about policing.

On his part, the Director of Religious Affairs DCOP Very Rev. GEORGE ARTHUR extolled the sterling performance of the outgoing Director of General Public Affairs and his contribution to the Police Service and the country at large.

“Indeed Mr Kwasi Ofori you have made your mark, your reportage, and press releases are clear to all readers and viewers, and you project the image of the service and commitment of serving officers at all times.”

He asked other officers and public servants to remember that they will soon retire from active service, hence they should leave behind a legacy their children would be proud of.

”You will also exit one day. Prepare for it. However, you have one challenging duty to perform before your retirement. Groom others to take over from you one day.”


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