You cannot be a musician without subscribing to streaming platforms-Yaw Dan

Entertainment critic, Yaw Dan who also works with Boomplay has underscored the need for musicians to subscribe to streaming platforms.

The critic says musicians should not only think of the popularity they will get but ensure they generate revenue from their popular songs.

He said while musicians think of the popularity their songs will get, they should also subscribe to not less than two streaming platforms so the songs will generate revenue for them.

Yaw Dan speaking on Rainbow Entertainment said “even if you are thinking of free downloads, still consider the streaming. It doesn’t matter if it is one or two streams. When the song blows, it will also blow your song on the streaming platforms”.

He also explained that the streaming platforms don’t necessarily consider the standard of the audio but the artwork.

He said the artwork alone could make a song be rejected.

Yaw Dan explained when doing an artwork, a brand logo, and social media handles should not be added because the streaming platforms will reject it.

What is usually required is the name of the artiste, title of the song, and maybe the producer, he added.

He was speaking on the benefits musicians could get from the digital space with host DJ Slash.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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