Working under a record brought our failure-Antwi D Garley

Antwi D. Garley of Antwi Ni Antwi has opened up about their finances when they were duos.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Togo Borga on GH entertainment, on Rainbow Radio 87.5fam, the musician said working under a record label is not the best because you would be cheated and deprived of what is rightfully yours.

Antwi Garley suggested it would be best for musicians to manage themselves instead of working under a record label.

Strangely, the musician told the host they were only given 10 percent per cassette out the of the sales from their major hit tracks.

According to him, their management was pumping in the resources for recording and videos but Antwi ni Antwi was responsible for

He said there were under Odwianoma, a record label and produced two albums but they had to go their separate ways because the owner refused to give them front money.

”I can confidently state that no musician who worked under a record label during our time did not succeed until they started managing themselves.”

He said they worked on Sekina and Uncle but they only got 8 million old cedis from Sekina despite its huge success.

He added that they later worked on their own album, Aku Sika and asked the record label to promote but he refused and together with the media, they worked against them making it difficult for the album to succeed.

He painfully stated the failure of their third album led to financial difficulties and in 2008, he fell seriously ill leading the group falling apart.

He said since 2008, they have not been able to release any song as a duo.

He refuted claims that the duo separate due to money issues.

Antwi Ne Antwi, made up of two brothers – David and Michael Kofi Antwi – thrilled music lovers with several hit songs including SekinaCongo Soldier, and Uncle Ebo.

They worked on five albums, which include, Dwene Wo Ho (2000), Sekina (2002), and Uncle Ebo (2003) to their credit.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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