Woman asked to keep baby she found dumped at Children’s Hospital

Information reaching Rainbowradioonline.com indicates that a mother, Ruth Clottey who went to the hospital to see medical care for her baby has been asked to take custody of another baby she discovered at the entrance of the hospital.

Madam Ruth Clottey had sent her baby to the Princess Marie Louis Children’s Hospital in Accra for medical care.

After her day at the hospital, she was preparing to leave the facility to buy some drugs for her sick baby but upon reaching the entrance of the hospital, she discovered a baby had been dumped beside a flower pot.

Ruth Clottey spotting the baby picked the baby went back into the hospital and informed the nurses that she had seen a baby dumped beside the pot.

But shockingly, the nurses told the woman they could believe the story and further told her to keep the baby because she was the one who brought the baby to the hospital.

They further asked her to purchase a folder for the baby.

Ruth Clottey who felt unhappy about the situation went to Social Welfare and reported the case to them.

However, they asked her to register so they could keep custody of the baby.

The woman speaking to Rainbow Radio said hrs is not only shocked but feels disappointed that she has been asked to keep a baby she found dumped at a hospital when it is the responsibility of the Social Welfare to do so.

The Social Welfare she added asked her to care for the baby since she is currently admitted at the hospital.

She said the Social Welfare promised to take over the care of the baby after she (Ruth Clottey) and her baby are discharged.

According to her, she was asked by social welfare if she could take care of the baby but she told them her financial status would not make her able to care for the one she discovered.

Speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm she said, later, a woman came to the hospital claiming that the baby was his niece.

She explained that the baby was dumped at the hospital after a misunderstanding between the mother and father of the baby.

The woman she further claimed knew almost everything about the dumped baby and she felt the woman is the original mother of the dumped but pretending.

She also disclosed that the woman had planned to take back the baby but she asked him to follow her to the hospital so they would meet with the doctors and nurses.

However, the woman refused and took her name, and promised to come the next day.

However, the woman who had claimed the baby belonged to her rival, never returned.

She also noted that the baby has been abused with bruises all over the body.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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