Without me, there would have been no GH Comedy-David Oscar

Ghanaian comedian now dancehall artiste, David Oscar has stated emphatically that without him they wouldn’t have been GH Comedy.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Rainbow Entertainment with host DJ Slash, he said he was the one who single-handedly spearheaded comedy shows in Ghana and that is what has led to the discovery of the likes of Funny Face, DKB and the other top comedians we have today.

David Oscar indicated comedy rather made him incur debts because he could not make profits from the shows he organized nationwide.

He disclosed that he had to use his own resources in organizing his shows because he could not get sponsors for his event.

David Oscar told the host that when he entered the fray they were not a single comedian Ghana could boast but Nigerians a lot of comedians to boost of and that was something he was worried about.

He insisted he was the one who had to start organizing shows to help discover Ghanaian comedians and had spent a lot of resources on booking hotels across the country just to keep comedy alive in Ghana.

When asked if he would get to comedy he said currently it would be difficult for him to satisfy people comedically because his arts and creativity have expanded and it is business for him now.

He said he will no longer do comedy for free anyone who would want him to get back into comedy would have to push in a lot of money to convince him to do comedy again.

To those who claim he is no longer funny, he said he does care about their views because once a comedian always a comedian.

He added that his vision was to help out in place certain structures which he says the current comedians are not enjoying.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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