Withdraw from Prez race if you cannot pay GHc100,000 filing fee-GUM

Founder of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrews aka Osofo Kyireabosom says persons who have criticised the Electoral Commission (EC) for charging GHc100,000 as a filing fee for the presidential election have no basis for their attacks.

He opines the constitution gives the EC the mandate to do whatever they want to do, hence if they have come out with this figure, there is no need to attack them.

The presidential candidate has therefore asked all the candidates and parties complaining to withdraw from the race if they lack the resources to file.

The man of God said: ”the constitution gives the EC powers to do whatever they want to do to help develop Ghana. They have asked candidates to pay GHc100,000; if you cannot afford, withdraw from the race, if you have the money file and contest.”

He assured Ghanaians he will file, and contest so GUM will come to power to help transform the country.

The party he said his party is campaigning to have the NPP and NDC rejected come December 7, 2020, parliamentary and presidential elections.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com


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