Withdraw E-Levy or we will hit you with several demonstrations-Group to Prez, Parl

A group calling itself Concerned Youth of Ghana has asked Parliament to withdraw the introduction of the 1.75% E-levy proposed by the government and captured in the 2022 budget statement.

The group believes the decision by the government to advance revenue from fifty-five billion cedis (GHS 55b) to eighty billion cedis (GHS 80b) (i.e., 45% increase) in the next fiscal year to fix among others youth unemployment through entrepreneurship, Education, infrastructure development is novel but the electronic levy is not an innovative solution to broaden the tax net and rope in the informal sector.

“This government and successive governments have regrettably failed to find and development much progress and pragmatic ways to attract the about 86% of the informal Ghanaian economy.”

The group advised the President and his Vice as well as his Finance Minister and advisors to withdraw the levy or they would rollout unending “fiafitor” demonstration, a massive street-to-street, market-to-market, protest to ‘destabilize’ the peace we all enjoy as a country.

Read the full statement below

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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