Why did ‘coup plotters’ deem it fit to add ACP Agordzor to WhatsApp group? Lawyer

Private legal practitioner, lawyer Osei Junior has questioned why Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr Benjamin Agordzor was on the Whatsapp which has become a piece of evidence through the alleged coup plotters used in their communication.

The lawyer is also asking why the senior police officer failed to communicate the intention of the members to the police leadership and yet, remained on the platform.

He is also questioning the rationale behind the establishment of the platform and why a senior police officer of his calibre will be on such a platform.

The lawyer said all this information and the rationale behind the Whatsapp group could be used as evidence.

He said there ”is far more” to the information in the public domain over the matter.

ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor, has been accused by the state of possible links to an alleged plot to destabilise the country.

He was remanded in custody till Friday to enable the court rule on an application challenging its jurisdiction over the case.

The lawyer explained although it makes be difficult to use the information given to prosecute the ACP, then it would be difficult, but felt there could still be further particulars the state may have in their custody to prosecute the matter.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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