We’ve witnessed vile attempts to usurp our voices for holding govt to account- EFL

The Economic Fighters League, says it has witnessed vile attempts from within and out to suppress courageous and bold individuals who have criticised the government and called for the fixing of the country.

For this reason, the group is prepared to present what it described as a clear political direction to prevent the group from falling into the same soup as other civic groups.

”We have therefore been working hard to build with others a broad coalition of individuals and organisations willing and able to work effectively to dismantle the oppressive NPP-NDC duopoly. This is a strategic move to build a counterbalancing power to protect the people’s interest at the most critical moment in our quest for a #NewConstitution for a #NewGhana.”

EFL said the strategy will prevent the oppressor from oppressing Ghanaians and help in demanding for

a new constitution for the country.

”With such a strategy, there will be no escape route for the oppressors. They are shameless in their impunity, which to us shows that they are asleep to what is coming. Because the revolution is here, brothers and sisters and we will not relent, we will not rest until it is achieved. The call for a new Constitution is in the markets, at the trotro stations, and in the streets. The call to remove the NPP-NDC stranglehold is in the provisions stores, the taxis, in the classroom.”

The group was recounting a protest held on August 4, in 2021 where Ghanaians came together to send an important message to the political establishment – #FixTheCountry.

According to the EFL, ”Ghanaian voices were loud, and they were clear: we heard voice after voice express a desire for a new Ghana, one in which our nation is not held hostage to the rotten pendulum that is the NPP-NDC duopoly.”

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By: Rainbowradioonbline.com/Ghana

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