We’ve started receiving death threats-LGBT Group

The LGBT+ Rights Ghana has disclosed on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5 Fm that their lives are currently in danger.

Executive Director Mr. Alex Donkor in an interview disclosed that they have started receiving death threats from persons who say they don’t deserve to live.

According to him, the environment has become volatile for them considering the bias and attacks thrown at them by opinion leaders and religious leaders, who have described them as demonic.

He was wondering why Ghana, as a country that prides itself as a democratic country, cannot tolerate people in the LGBT community.

He said it is unfortunate that they are going through this inhumane treatment.

He disclosed that people are inciting others against them by suggesting that we deserve to be stoned to death

”It is obvious. People are asking for us to be stoned to death. Some want us to be burnt alive. The threats on our members are obvious for all to see. The evidence of the volatile nature of us is there for us to see.”

”The human struggle to give the best treatment to people did not start today, in the past people stood against slavery until it was abolished, then racism came and it still took the human struggle to fight these things for the betterment of human beings. So as we continue to give birth, we will have people who will identify as LGBTQI. It will be unfortunate for us not to stand for the rights of all human beings.”

The constitution he added guarantee the rights to life, freedom, and dignity of people and that is what we have to hold unto so that people will not put the law into their own hands and attack others

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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