We’ve not had a clear economic plan since indep.-Economist

Ghanaian economist and chartered account Emmanuel Amoah-Darkwah says Ghana keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again in terms of our economy.

He explained that Ghana has gone for a bailout for 15 times since independence and one examines the reasons, the balance of payment deficit and high inflation are some of the major challenges that lead us there.

However, we are not doing something right and repeating our mistakes.

He called for ways to help Ghana to have a structural change to wean Ghana from dependence.

He said, as a country, we’ve not had a clear economic plan hence we’ve failed to achieve, a stable economy and independence.

He bemoaned the failure of successive governments to continue from where their predecessors left off and take on new initiatives, a situation he said has affected us.

The economist maintained the need for us to have an export-driven economy.

The era of the coups he lamented also affected the stability of Ghana’s economy.

The seven-year development of late Nkrumah he suggested has not changed from what the plans we see in recent times.

The current administration he said has learnt from their past mistakes.

The current administration he said has learnt from their past mistakes.

The former President Kufour led an initiative known as ‘Presidential Special Initiative’ which did not go so well but this current administration is partnering with the private sector to grow the economy.

The initiative by the government to partner the private sector to build factories he added must be enshrined in law so any new government would continue with the policy.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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