We’ve given you a resilient economy, give us 4 more to do more-Minister

The Deputy Minster for Finance Abena Osei Asare has stated that Ghana’s economic fundamentals are stronger, firmer, resilient and better.

The NPP she asserted has demonstrated that even in good and bad times, they have the best policies and character to keep economy stable and growing.

The Deputy Minister said the NPP would want to make the future better and that is why it has announced the Ghana Cares Programme, which would invest a GHc100 billion strategically within 3 years to maker Ghana a wealthier nation.

‘’A nation with the confidence to dream, think, innovate and take on the world,’’ she declared.

She described former President John Dramani Mahama as an incompetent leader who has nothing new to offer because under him, Ghana was running of hope.

To her, all sectors of the economy have benefitted from the 16 policy initiatives of the NPP.

‘’The banking industry was on the verge of collapse we have fixed it. We saved 14 million Ghanaians from losing their investments.’’

She said Mr. Mahama failed to address the crisis in the banking sector but the NPP has made it resilient, stable, sound, solvent despite the adverse impact of COVID-19.

‘’We have set this country once again on the right path and the results are being seen all over.’’

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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