We’re not against residents of Krobo, we want issues addressed before power is restored- ECG

Management of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has said until the safety of its staff is assured, it will not restore power to the Krobo enclave in the Eastern Region.

The community had not had stable power over the past week, with hospitals and other health facilities demanding immediate restoration of power.

Public Relations Officer in the Tema Region, Sakyiwaa Mensah speaking on the matter said the company has been left with no other option than to cut power to the affected areas.

She explained that the move forms part of efforts to safeguard their staff..

According to her, the move is also a precaution given the incidents of fibre cuts, tampering with its transformers and attack on its staff.

“The main reason for the outage is safety for lives, properties, the general public and ECG workers as well. We had some interference with our networks and as of now, we are not sure of the integrity of our network if we are able to provide safe power to residents because of the illegal entries to our supply networks. When such interference becomes a major source of concern, the first precautionary measure is to cut supply to that area for a period of time and assess the extent of interference.”

“Hopefully, power will be restored soon. We are not against the residents. For now, no work is ongoing [because of our safety and interference]. We should all call for peace because we are ready to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

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