We’re considering a new SHS or expansion at Achimota SHS-Okaikoi North MCE

The Municipal Chief Executive of Okaikoi North, Mr. Boye Laryea, has hinted the municipal assembly was considering the option of establishing a new secondary school in the municipality.

The other option he noted was to expand infrastructure at the Achimota Senior High School instead of the new school.

According to him, the municipality was in talks with Education Minister to have an expansion work carried out the school.

Currently, the school has requested for a 12-unit classroom block and two new dormitories to manage the increasing population.

The MCE disclosed the school has available land that could help with the expansion.

The school he said has about 1,000 acres that could make the expansion easier and even house a university should government plan to establish one in the area.

History of the School

Achimota, an educational institution designed with the aim of providing for the educational needs of the people of the Gold Coast, from kindergarten to university, was founded in Accra in 1927 as the Prince of Wales College by the government of the Gold Coast. It was to provide  education and character training that would equip those who would attend it, for the needs of the nation.

In 1927 the College was formally opened with the Lower and Upper Primary Departments. This was followed in 1929 by the Secondary and University Departments. Courses offered included Art and Music including African Dance; Economics & Commerce; Teacher Training and Vocational Courses; Intermediate Arts, Science, Engineering and first Medical exams; Engineering Degree courses.

The School and Post Secondary Departments were separated in 1945. Achimota went on to introduce the Sixth form. The School at the time, was made up of the Primary and Secondary Departments, with the Secondary Department located on the central campus known as the “Eastern Compound”.

Following the restructuring of the education system into Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, the Secondary School campus was converted into a Senior Secondary School, receiving its first pupils under the new system in 1991. The old Primary School located on the Western Compound, expanded to accommodate the new Primary & Junior Secondary School.

Today, Achimota is made up of a Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. Of these, the Senior Secondary School is the institution that has largely inherited the Legacy of the original Prince of Wales, later Achimota College – the first Government co-educational boarding college to be established in the Gold Coast, now Ghana. Although established as a Non-Denominational Christian Institution, it has long since admitted pupils of other religious faiths.

The School is still situated at its original location. Unlike other schools which have had to move during their formative years to allow expansion, Achimota, endowed as it was then with about 950 acres of land, has been able to accommodate its growth over all of its eighty years since its inception, entirely within the original boundaries.

The main campus which covers about 17 hectares, is home to the Administration and Teaching Blocks, boarding houses, Dining Hall, Assembly Hall and Chapels (Separate provisions being made for Catholic and Protestant worship).


Today the School has a total student population about 1,500, with a little over half of these being girls. In this regard, it has fully lived up to the vision of its Founding Fathers and the second of the Ideals on which the School was built – an equal opportunity for girls with boys in education. The teaching staff number about eighty with a non-teaching staff of about one hundred and twenty.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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