We’re better than your top rated stars but money is preventing us from breaking through-Paytriat

Talented fast-rising musician Paytriat (1CON) has stirred controversy stating that the lack of funds or money has denied better musicians compared to the top stars we know today, a breakthrough opportunity.

Known originally as Gokah Godwin, the afro dancehall artiste, songwriter and performer said it is a known fact that there are young talented musicians who are far more talented and better musicians than our known stars.

But the lack of funds and access to resources is preventing them from breaking through in the industry.

Responding to the question on whether talent alone was not enough to make an artiste breakthrough he said “Yes! Talent alone does not make an artiste. Someone might ask why? Why because if we are to compare talents I would say those big artiste we know up there won’t be a match to these young talented artistes. Money is always an issue and that’s what mostly pushes an artiste. When you have a good management team, a little talent, and links, that’s all”.

According to him, music was not something he intended to do.

However, he was caught up in it after listening to Jamaican songs for several years socially those from Jahmiel.

“Music wasn’t something I intended to do but found myself doing it. A few years back I mostly listened to Jamaican songs, especially Jahmiel’s song, and I was so much caught up in it. His words used in music inspired me and made me feel like I had more to give and I felt like becoming an artist to inspiring people.”

He asserted that Ghanaian talented new artistes are struggling to find their feet but was hopeful it will get better.

“As an upcoming artiste and being in Ghana isn’t an easy task. Most of us “upcoming artistes“ have the talent more than some stars we know in the industry and to be truthful we just lack the experience compared to them and aside from that it’s very difficult for us or me as an upcoming artiste because there is the need to get a manager and a management team to support my music career but because I have none, I really find it difficult to even release a song and even get visuals for it.”

In his career, he said “I for instance have a long way to go in this music industry. I don’t want to be “that artiste“ but rather a legend. I want to be an international award-winning artiste, a legend, and many more only if I have all the support I need. I wish to inspire and support other young arts out there and be a beacon of hope to everyone when it comes to Ghanaian music”.

Touching on the number of songs he has released, he said “For now I have five releases and I am planning and releasing an album this year (2022). My support mostly is from a good friend who is a brother to me, Albert Lee who has been around since I started music. He supports me in any way he can and I am very grateful to have him by my side.”

He described himself as dynamic saying “I don’t have one style and I don’t care about the type of beat you give me to jump on. I can do either afrobeat, Afropop, afro dancehall, etc and I wouldn’t do it in a way everyone expects it to sound like. I am just different and unique from all other artistes and no one has any idea of what I am capable of”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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