We’II shut down operations in galamsey affected areas if…GWCL

Ghana Water Company Ltd has announced that it will be forced to close its operations in galamsey-affected areas.

The company has stated that if the cost of treating water becomes unsustainable, it will cease operations.

According to them, despite numerous complaints about the negative effects of galamsey on raw materials and production costs, illegal mining thrives.
According to Stanley Martey, Communications Director for Ghana Water Company, “beyond a certain level of turbidity, the water is rendered untreatable.” We will shut down at that point.”

“The pollution of the river bodies affects the entire country, as well as us as individuals and as a company,” Mr. Martey continued.

“It is up to us to fight the menace collectively, or else it will affect not only Ghana Water Company Limited, but the entire nation.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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