We’II prophesy today, tomorrow & forever, you can not intimidate us-Prophet Badu

Founder and General Overseer of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi, has noted that no amount of political intimidation will stop genuine prophets from prophesying.

The man of God says at the beginning of every year, political leaders must humble themselves and seek revelations from the prophets for the year ahead.

Delivering his message at the watch night service on December 31, 2021, he said whether we like it or not, the prophets know what will happen tomorrow.

He indicated that the politicians lack the knowledge of what will happen tomorrow and instead of them allowing the prophets to do their job, they have gagged them.

Prophet Badu Kobi opined that the attempt to use the Police to keep prophets from doing their job will let the nation go down.

He said no one can fight the prophetic ministry and succeed.

Prophet Badu Kobi said no one can fight the voice and the eyes of God and succeed.

To those who have targeted him, he said they cannot target him because he was sent by God to do his work.

According to him, until he has finished his work on earth for God, he is untouchable.

He claimed that there have several attempts to harm him because of his work for God.

He said despite these attempts, he is still alive and working for the kingdom of God.

Prophet Kobi stated that some pastors are the ones bringing divisions instead of being united.

He wondered why some men of God have supported the attempts by the Police to prosecute prophets over their prophecies.

Prophet Badu Kobi went on to state that no amount of intimidation will stop prophets from doing their work.

He said if his fellow prophets for fear of going to jail stop prophesying, he will take up the mantle and speak truth to power.

He urged men of God to be bold and speak to the ills of society and rebuke our leaders who err in their duty to the people.

“I will say it. On earth, the only thing that will allow you to prevail is the truth. And it is time the church must say the truth,” he added.

He stressed that prophets will continue to prophesy today, tomorrow, and forever.

“We will talk today, we talk tomorrow and we will talk forever. The next generation of prophets must take over from us. God did not give us the spirit of timidity, he did not give us the spirit of fear. He gave us the spirit of power and a sound mind.”

He said everything is failing, nurses and several other workers are losing their jobs, and instead of the government humbling themselves and seeking the reasons behind these challenges from the prophets, they are using their books to stop them from working.

He added instead of the Police to be going after armed robbers, they have focused on the church.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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