Wearing of facemask no longer mandatory, land & sea borders opened-Prez

President Akufo-Addo has announced the revision of restrictions following what he has described as a general decline in the burden of COVID 19 over the past 2weeks and the 4th wave appears to be over.

In his 28th address to update Ghanaians on measures to address the outbreak of the virus, the President announced that all land and sea borders would be opened effective Monday, March 28, 2022.

He said fully vaccinated travellers would be allowed entry through the land and sea borders without any PCR and Antigen tests from the country of embarkation.

Also, citizens and foreign residents in Ghana who are not fully vaccinated would have to do a prior arrival 48-hour PCR Test and will be offered vaccination at the point of entry.

Aside from these measures, all foreigners should be fully vaccinated to be allowed entry through the land and sea boarders.

He explained that reasonable vaccination coverages have been achieved particularly in the hotspots and urban areas of Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions.

“We shall continue to use all means to increase the deployment of vaccination across the country to achieve the targeted 20million population by June, 2022,” he added.

He added that “In addition to these very low reported cases is an improvement in the availability and uptake of vaccines (over 27.7million doses of vaccines have been received so far in the country and 13million doses have been administered as at 16th March, 2022).

We shall continue to motivate and encourage all Ghanaian who have not yet vaccinated to go for their jabs.”

“The ECOWAS region especially our neighbouring countries also have very low levels of infections, these favourable conditions have necessitated the revision of the restrictions of COVID-19 enacted under E.I 64,” he stated further.

Meanwhile, he has announced the revision of other restrictions including the reversal of the mandatory wearing of nose mask.

However people are encouraged to maintain social distancing and avoid overcrowding in public spaces to ensure limitation of risk of spreading.

• Wearing of masks is mandatory for all indoor functions.

• Handwashing and hand hygiene is encouraged at all public places and private functions before entry.

  1. Indoor functions / events (conference, workshop, private parties, cinemas, and theatrical events and centres)

• All in-person activity is to resume at full capacity, as long as all the audience / participants are vaccinated. All audience / participants are required to wear their facemasks whiles inside.

• Hand washing and hand sanitising should be made normal practice.

• As much as possible, vaccination points would be mounted in churches, mosque and other event places to make vaccination available to the public.

• Mandatory wearing of masks in all public transports should be adhered to

  1. Outdoor functions (sporting event, entertainment spots, political rallies, funerals, etc).

Events are to resume at full capacity, as long as all the audience / participants are fully vaccinated. Wearing of facemask is advised though not mandatory.
Sanitising and handwashing should be made normal practice.

  1. Handshake and hugging are discouraged

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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