We need to invest more money if we want to win more medals, boxing & athletics can lead- Treasurer, GAA

Treasurer of the Ghana Athletics Association of Ghana Christopher Darko-Amankrah, says if Ghana wants to win more medals at the Commonwealth games then we have to invest more.

He noted that the resources we invest in the preparation for the Commonwealth games are not enough.

He said although the country is interested in winning more medals, we have failed to put in the right investment.

“If we want to win more medals, we have to put in more money. That is the bitter truth. We need more resources to prepare the athletes for the games so we can win more medals. Like the famous proverb, you use a fish to catch more fish. We can do better with the needed resources.”

When asked which of the sporting disciplines we should focus on the most, he suggested boxing and athletics but was quick to add that, we could also invest in the other disciplines.

“When you look at the table from 1963 or 1966 boxing and athletics have won us more medals and so obviously, but we can’t also abandon the others. We could also invest in them since they could win us medals,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has called for calm as an investigation would be conducted to establish circumstances that led to the disqualification of Ghana’s relay team at the games.

He said “the GAA will not prejudice the matter until the investigation is completed,” but added that “we (GAA) accept responsibility for what happened. We were expecting a gold medal and so whether it was our fault or not, we accept responsibility,” he added.

He was speaking on Rainbow Sports on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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