Support us with logistics if you can-GNFS to Ghanaians

Public Relations Officer for the Ghana National Fire Service ACFO1 Timothy Affum has asked Ghanaians to extend a helping hand to the service in combating fire outbreaks in the country.

In a recent interview on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fmj, he said such assistance would go a long way to help them.

He disclosed that the service is currently working with obsolete equipment, a situation that is making their work extremely difficult.

”We need logistics; you don’t get it all when we send a budget to the government because we have some financial challenges. There is an ongoing modernization exercise to retool the fire service.

We need to beef up our workforce strength. We need to recruit about 18,000 more for personnel to increase our strength. We cannot recruit all 18,000 in a year. That is why we recruited 2,000 recently. We are hopeful we will get to recruit more this year.

In terms of equipment, we are aware the government is talking to two companies, and if all goes well, we are hopeful we will receive new equipment.
He added that the service needs more fire stations as part of its modernisation drive.

The government is doing its best, but the strength is limited, and for that reason, we are appealing to Ghanaians to support the service.


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