We need reorientation, reformation & revival if we want to develop- Prez, Mission Africa Incorporated

Mission Africa Incorporated, a 21st Century Global Humanitarian and Missions Work, has underscored the need for Africans, especially Ghanaians, to be reoriented, reeducated and remobilised, reinforced, revived and reformed towards development.

President of the organization, Dr. Kodjoe Sumney, said we need the people on the continent to be reformed and revived to change the way they behave and do things.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said even the western world needs reformation, how much more, a developing country.

He told host Kwabena Agyapong that Africa had its ways of managing its Affairs until the influence of the western world and the Berlin conference.

He posited that eight colonial systems, including education, culture, sports, entertainment, industry, and religion among others were part of the ways used to make us depreciate our system of governance so we could appreciate theirs.

”We have been divided to the extent that we have nothing called unity in the religious space. These are some of the reasons why we are faced with challenges and the reasons why we are unable to develop.”

He bemoaned the use of just English in our education system, where people who speak the local languages are perceived as inferior or unintelligent.

He was also not satisfied with why Ghanaians prefer the English Premier League to our local leagues.

”These are the things that affect the growth of our economy. Young people today do not want to watch the local league. They prefer watching foreign leagues,” he said.

About the organization

Mission Africa Inc. is a 21st Century Global Humanitarian and Missions Work.

It is a Christian Non -Profit Organization based in California, USA and Accra Ghana which develops global partners to offer natural and spiritual humanitarian assistance to the needy of Africa, starting from Ghana.

Over one thousand Americans have travelled with Drs. Kodjoe and Akosuah Sumney from the United States of America to Africa and many times to Ghana.

The organization seeks to build global partnerships to offer natural and spiritual development humanitarian services to the Continent of Africa.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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