We can’t fight GBV unless we nurture our sons- Life Coach

Any advocacy that fails to bring two or more parties together will fail in the fight against gender-based violence, according to certified transformation coach Scofery Nana Yeboah.

He stated that we will be unable to address GBV issues unless we care for and nurture men.

He claimed that men have been subjected to a subliminal state in which their feelings, desires, and challenges are ignored.

He observes that nobody cares how men who abuse women got to where they are now.

He mentioned that we are only looking at the actions and not what led them to where they are.

“We cannot solve GTBV until we care about where men who perpetuate crime against women come from and the processes they go through. Interestingly, according to the statistics, men have begun to report abuses, and the police are overwhelmed.”

He revealed to Rainbow Radio 876.5Fm Frontline host Kwabena Agyapong that the type of people who commit these crimes against men would astound you.

Some of these abuses, he claims, are orchestrated by our well-educated women.

“Until society pauses and examines how we have treated our men, half of the other gender, and why the world is not moving, we will progress if we allow men to evolve their vulnerability without thinking of them as not being men.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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