We already have the power, let’s sustain it, no need to break the 8-Lord Commey

The Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Commey, has asked the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to forget about breaking the 8-tear jinx and mantra and rather focus on was in sustaining the power they have today for several more years.

Mr. Commey said the NPP should be focusing on ways in sustaining power for more years because the power that is not valued could slip through your hands in a twinkle of an eye.

He was addressing party supporters at a delegates conference in the country where he referenced an era when late Rawlings was asked to hand power to a democratic rule, and yet he refused saying,” hand over power to whom?”

”There was a certain first lady in this country who is still alive. At a point, she told us openly in plain language that if we want someone to be president and sit on the presidential throne, it should not be the NPP. She told us to Kumasi Magazine to go and buy a throne for Kufour to sit on,” he said.

”It tells you that what you call power; if God grants you grace and you win power, you have to sustain and cherish it. If you get power and fail to value it, you will regret it.

I don’t care who becomes the national chairman. I don’t care who becomes the flagbearer. What I care about is that the NPP continues to reign in this country. We [NPP] are not serious, and we have allowed pettiness and unnecessary bickering to distract us. Never again. Mr. Chairman, it is what we should resolve. Never again this thing should happen to the NPP. Break the RIGHT has become a slogan. For me, I will not break the 8. So far as I live, I will not hand over power to the NDC.”

He added: ”the NPP will not break the 8. We will continue to rule. You are scaring yourselves as if there is something to break. We have the power, and it is for us to sustain the power. We have a president who now says he is ready to hand over to the next NPP presidential candidate as President of the Republic of Ghana”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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