‘Wash hands at least six times a day’

How many times will you be washing your hands today? Yes – we’re looking at you.

It’s been the advice since the very early stages of this virus. And a new study by UK researchers says washing your hands as many as 10 times a day makes catching infections like coronavirus much less likely.

It looked at data, from 2006-09, on viruses structurally very similar to the strain circulating now.

The study found the 1,663 participants were much less likely to be infected if they washed their hands at least six times a day.

Hand-washing more than 10 times a day did not appear to cut the risk of infection further, however.

Coronaviruses are a family of virus that most usually cause mild illness such as the common cold.

And all of them, including the pandemic one, can be killed by soap and water.

Source: BBC

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