Waakye seller paralysed after she was allegedly attacked with black magic

A caterer who owns a food joint in the Eastern region’s Upper West Akim District is currently paralyzed after allegedly being attacked with black magic.

The owner who operates ‘Sister Aisha Special Waakye’ is said to have been attacked spiritually for operating the newly established food joint by someone who was against her operations.

Rainbow Radio’s Prince Collins Bening reported from the scene that the victim went to the facility to prepare for her daily activities after being informed by her workers that someone had dropped items tied with red fabric at the food joint.

However, after going to the facility to verify the information, she became paralyzed and was unable to move or do anything.

Details emerging indicate that someone had told her to be careful since someone was plotting to harm her after setting up the business in the area.

However, she ignored the warning and did not act on it, according to our reporter.

The woman told Prince Collins Bening on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, “After work on Monday evening, I had run out of stock of some items, so I went to the market to buy them.” After that, I went home and bathed my one-and-a-half-year-old child. But after that, I couldn’t move. Something sharp was used to pinch me. So I screamed, and my son came out and led me into the room. I was helpless.

My workers went to prepare the joint for sales the next morning, but when they arrived, they discovered that someone had left voodoo-like items there. They came home to tell me. I later discovered that someone had used black magic. ‘I can’t move or do anything,’ she explained.

She is currently seeking the assistance of a herbalist to help her reverse the situation.

When asked if she had any issues with anyone, she said no, but added that there is a litigant who is fighting her over the location of the food joint.

“However, the person does not sell food. The individual is only arguing with me about the location of the food joint. We’ve also talked about it and attempted to resolve it, so I’m not sure it’s related to the attack on me.”

Meanwhile, the food vendor’s family set fire to the items and burned them to ashes.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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