Wa: Police beef up presence over recent killings

The Police Administration has assured residents of the Wa Metropolis and its environs that it has taken note of their security concerns.

As a result, the administration has put in place measures to assist the Regional Police Command in beefing up security to ensure the safety of all persons in the Metropolis.

The assurance comes after the residents held a demonstration to protest the recent killings of some private security guards in the metropolis.

The victims were either confined in their workplaces, had body parts removed and buried in shallow graves, or were taken to unknown locations.

On Thursday, September 14, 2022, the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) issued nine security measures to combat the growing number of killings in the Wa Municipality.

A night watchman was reported missing at his workplace just a day after these measures were announced, leading residents to question the effectiveness of REGSEC’s response.

Wa’s youth staged a protest today in response to the increasing number of murders and disappearances in the Wa Municipality.

The angry protesters were forced to take to the streets after two watchmen went missing, bringing the total number of such cases to nine in the last four months.

They wore red clothes around their heads and held placards that read, in part, “Wa is no longer safe, they are killing our people,” “Stop killing our people, let us stand up and fight.”

Car tyres were burned along the municipality’s main streets as protesters marched to the palace of the overlord of Waala Traditional Area to express their outrage at the worrying trend.

In their presentation to the Wa Naa, the aggrieved youth emphasised their willingness to collaborate with the security apparatus to bring the perpetrators to justice. One of the demonstration’s organisers, Iddrisu Sufyan, stated that the killing and disappearance of watchmen in the municipality had become too common and demanded immediate attention.

He stated that the youth must participate in the demonstration to compel the various stakeholders to step up efforts to address the situation. Musah Maalubata, another convener, urged the Wa Naa to give them two weeks to arrest the perpetrators.

Jinpenhi Naa Kadiri Ibrahim, Wa Naa’s spokesperson, stated that an invitation has been extended to all sub-chiefs and their landlords for a meeting to discuss measures that will lead to resolving the situation.

He also urged the interior minister to impose a curfew in Wa and its surroundings as a first step toward addressing the killings and kidnappings of residents.

The Police in their statement said to help deal with the problem, special purpose investigation and intelligence teams as well as additional police visibility and crime combat teams have been deployed to Wa under the leadership of the Director-General of Operations.

“Once again, we wish to assure the public that we will continue to work towards ensuring the safety and security of all persons across the country,” it said.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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