Vision, ideas of Nkrumah more relevant today than in the past-Ernesto

Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, says the greatest legacy of late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was about his ideas and the vision he pursued.

He said the ideas of Nkrumah are more relevant today than the past.

‘’Anyone who have read any of his books will agree that his ideas are relevant today than in the past and that is why he is a genius.’’

Ernesto Yeboah said the late Nkrumah wanted Africa to Unite and be governed under a federal state.

He pursued a path of economic freedom and unity so we could have a one standing army, common market and one foreign policy, which were the lasting legacy of Nkrumah.

To him, the cedi will continue to depreciate so long as Africa remains divided or Ghana remain isolated from other African countries.

Ernesto Yeboah posited that we have not gained economic freedom because we remain divided as a people

The current crop of African leaders he lamented have failed the African continent and failed to pursue the agenda of a united Africa.

In his view, the responsibility lies in the hands of the African youth to break all the barriers preventing Africa from uniting.

He felt betrayed that Africa has opened its market to Europe, a situation he lamented is collapsing businesses whereas Europe has placed sanctions on what comes into their countries from Africa.

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