VIDEO: ‘If you want to escape going to jail for an offence, spoil people in power with money-Prophet Bempah

Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah, Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries, has been caught on another controversy.

A video of the man of God has surfaced on social media with the man of God advising his church members to shower politicians with gifts if they want to escape going to prison.

The man of God in the video started by saying that if you want the chief to give you land, you should give him sheep, give him money and give him gifts secretly.

He said, “you could have issues with the law agencies but because of how you shower people with gifts, it would be difficult for you to be prosecuted.”

To him, as a wise man, you have to be connected with all the great and top people in your country. You should be giving them cash. As a wise man, just gift them cash. Places such as national security, satisfy those in power. When you do that going to prison may be far from you,” he added.

The video comes after he has been refused bail and remanded in Police custody.

Rev. Bempah has been charged with the threat of life for threatening to kill Nana Agraada as well as offensive conduct to the breach of peace.

He made his first appearance before the Accra Circuit Court on Monday, along with five other members of the church.

The other five were also refused bail.


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