VGMAs has not lost its credibility as perceived-Charterhouse

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Charter House, organizers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Robert Klah has said the scheme used by the organizers is credible because they have never been swayed from the criteria used in determining the winners.

He said anyone who holds contrary views to this statement should have strong evidence to supports their claims because Charter is using the scheme as the basis to select the winners.

He told DJ Slash, host of Rainbow Entertainment that based on the scheme it is credible and when people say it is not, they should give them the basis because any other thing outside the scheme does not give it grounds.

On the perception of the scheme using the voting scheme to make money, the PRO said it is not a discussion that people should be having because ”obviously when people vote, you will get money. However, VGMAs this year, we even created a free voting platform so that people can vote for their people. So for this perception, it is neither here nor there”.

He added ”at the end of the day when you vote, it is not about perception. When you vote, you spend money on voting. However, we created a free platform so that people who did not have money will vote for their favourite musicians”.

He explained the categories with public interest have a 40% of public voting with 30% for the Board and 30% for the Academy.

He indicated it does not matter the number of the public votes, the weight is calculated as 40% just is done for the Board and Academy.

”And so, these are the weight of the blocs because we are working with percentages. When the Board votes, it is calculated as 30%, when the Academy votes, it is also calculated as 30% and when the public also votes, it is calculated as 40%. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the board. Once the voting comes out, they mathematically calculate by the percentage allocated to each bloc.”

The VGMAs is arguably the Biggest, Most anticipated, Most patronised and Most significant Entertainment event on the Ghanaian Social calendar.

Organized in partnership with the Musicians the Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and under the auspices of and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards scheme, which is now in its 19th year, has grown into a Festival of Music and Entertainment that engages the entire country and beyond.

It is produced by leading event management firm Charterhouse, in collaboration with leading telecommunications network Vodafone and seeks to reward music excellence.


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