VGMAs does not recognize genuine people, it’s about whom you know-Guru

Ghanaian hiplife musician Guru originally known as Maradona Yeboah Adjei, has opined that the annual Ghana Music Awards scheme has for several years depressed and denied persons who are supposed to be rewarded for their creativity.

Appearing on Rainbow Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said the scheme has always worked with whom you know policy denying people of what is due them.

Using the year 2014 as an example, he said he was nominated in several categories but only won one despite releasing top after top songs.

He disclosed to the host, DJ Slash that he was almost depressed and disturbed some 10 years back when he was cheated on and denied what he deserved as an artiste.

He indicated the awards given to musicians have some level of influence and could also open doors to opportunities for the musicians hence those who deserve the awards should be given.

According to him, he has no personal beef with the organizers but he wants things to be done right so creative talents who deserve to be awarded get the awards.

He said people honour the Grammys and other awards because they hold some prestige.

The designer and music producer said the scheme must do their things right so the deserving musicians are given the awards.

He said the original idea of the scheme was to help the industry but now it is rather killing it and making musicians depressed.

He also expressed worry that Ghanaians are fond of mocking musicians who are unable to win awards the annual awards even when they have nominated in several categories.

Hatred he added has taken over the scene with musicians hating each other and trying to destroy themselves for their selfish gains.


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