Undescended Testicle is not caused by witchcraft-Doctor

Medical practitioner, Dr. Eric Kumah has advised parents to seek early treatment for their children when they discover they that they are suffering from Undescended Testicle.

He said this condition should not be attributed to witchcraft or black magic because it is a medical condition that can be resolved through a simple surgery.

He made the remarks on the first edition of ‘Listen’ an Adolescent show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm hosted by Natalie Takyi-Appiah.

According to him, an undescended testicle occurs when one or both testicles fail to drop down before birth.

He said this should be resolved at an early stage to prevent serious medical conditions in boys.

Practitioners have advised that testicles that do not drop by about one year of age should be examined by a surgeon.

Also, it is advisable to conduct a surgery to prevent permanent damage to the testicles
by three years of age, if the testicles have not dropped.

But Dr. Kumah said some do not seek early treatment and wait till the boys have reached adolescence before seeking help.

Recent research suggests that surgery should be done early, rather than later, to prevent infertility.

The procedure for this is known as orchiopexy (ORKY-O-PEXY).

Undescended testicles have a higher likelihood of developing cancer, regardless of whether they are surgically brought down or not.

He said there is nothing superstitious about this condition, just walk to the closest clinic, and a simple procedure would be done to correct it.

He stressed the need for parents to examine their children from their earlier beginning before it creates serious implications for them in future.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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