Trotros, buses loading to full capacity although directive is yet to take effect

Barely 24 hours after President Akufo-Addo announced the restrictions on commercial buses, trotros and taxis, which, is to take effect August 1, 2020, some drivers have started loading to full capacity already.

Rainbow Radio’s News Editor, Mr. Daniel Asuku who visited some lorry stations and bus stops reported on Nyankonton Mu Nsem that there were heated exchanges between drivers and passengers as some of them resisted to pay the new transport fares should the drivers, load to full capacity.

In an instance, a driver who had loaded to full capacity, threatened to send passengers back to the spot he loaded them saying the president’s announcement was immediate and they will not reverse to the old fares.

The President in his address said: ”In consultation with the Ministries of Transport and Aviation, and the leadership of transport operators, Government has taken the decision to lift the restrictions in the transport sector, and allow for full capacity in our domestic airplanes, taxis, trotros and buses. The wearing of masks in vehicles and aircrafts, and the maintenance of enhanced hygiene protocols, remain mandatory. Private burials, still, with a maximum of one hundred (100) persons, can continue to be performed.”

However, ”Our borders, by air, land and sea, remain closed until further notice for human traffic. However, given that there are Ghana residents stranded abroad, special dispensation will continue to be given for the evacuation of our nationals and residents back to Ghana, where they will be subjected to the mandatory quarantine and safety protocols,” the president added.


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