Top industry players took my money but failed to promote my song-Nigerian musician

Ghanaian based Nigerian musician UD Marvin has alleged that some top industry persons from him but failed to promote his songs.

His Real name Marvin is Ubah Ekwueme, UD Marvin rose to fame after releasing his hit song titled Ifoema featuring Krachi.

But speaking to sit-in host of Rainbow Entertainment Summy Brown, the artiste said he has learnt the bitter lesson and let go of all those who came in to spend his money without doing what they had to do.

Although he failed to give out the names, he said these individuals took his money promising to make the song ”blow”, but they failed.

He revealed that at the time the song was released, he had lost his father, left Ghana, went back to Nigeria and left behind enough money hoping that his promoters would have worked on his behalf but they ”chopped” his money and did not promote the song.

UD Marvin was born in Cameron but grew up in Nigeria.

He has been in Ghana for 6years. He is a songwriter, recording artiste, performer and photo model.


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