Tolls & Routes Management Limited taking our jobs & giving it to their girlfriends, relatives, wives-PWDs

Persons living with disabilities working with the Tolls and Toutes Management Limited have expressed their displeasure in the current treatment they face.

According to them, they are being treated unfairly by the current management of the toll booths.

The current administration reached an agreement with the Ghana Federation for the Disabled (GFD) and the Ministry of Roads and Highways to get many of the PWDs employed at the road toll collection locations.

The physically impaired who qualified under the circumstance were hired by the Tolls & Routes Management Limited, (TRM), a privately owned company contracted by the Ministry of Highways to manage the country’s toll system on our roads.

However, the PWDs say the private company has taken steps to sack several of the PWDs.

Secretary of the group Ella Ametor speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm said the private firm is treating them unfairly and trying to replace them with others.

He alleged that the private firm is taki8ng their jobs and handing them over to their girlfriends, cronies, friends, relatives and depriving them of their livelihoods.

According to him, they have taken steps to sit with the management of the company to address their concerns, but all efforts have proved futile.

Already, 20 persons had been dismissed in January 2020, and although they’ve tried to get the attention of TRM management to at least listen to the grievances, they’ve not been successful.

He said the uncooperative attitude of the leadership of TRM compelled them to seek redress from the media.

He further disclosed that one of their colleagues, who took ill has been neglected by the management.

Aside from that, one other person, who died in an accident that occurred at Tema, was owed four months arrears and was not paid even after her death.

He claimed that the family was only given Ghc500 for the funeral.


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