To be a pastor is not a joke & I’m not ready to be one-Ceccy Twum

Ghanaian gospel musician and songwriter Ceccy Twum has stated that she is not prepared to be a pastor.

The musician says she is not ready and have no interest in becoming an ordained pastor.

She explained that being an ordained pastor is not an easy task nor a child’s play.

Speaking on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, she said, ”it is not easy to be ordained as a pastor. It is not a joke neither is it a child’s play.

I always tell my husband, who is a pastor, I was not prepared to be a pastor, and his response would always be when the time comes, you would have no option than to accept, she told host Sokoohemaa Kukua.

Ceccy Twum explained that she as an individual was not prepared, but if it is the will of God for her to be ordained as a pastor, so be it. However, I will not use my will in becoming a pastor.

”To be an ordained pastor is a calling, and if my husband is ordained, it is a calling. Without the calling, you cannot be a pastor. My calling is to preach through songs. I have not been called to wear a clerical and preach. My calling is to preach through songs. I not ready to go to a bible school to become a pastor,” she added.


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