Those who claim that a man was killed by a lion are mistaken; he could have been murdered- Analyst

Security analyst Adib Saani has stated that the narrative that a man who allegedly scaled the walls of Accra Zoo and was reportedly killed by a lion is terrible and will impact negatively the investigation into the matter.

The analyst noted that the man could have been murdered, and those behind it could have dumped his body in the lion’s den.

He stressed that ”number two, it is quite surprising that someone will enter the Zoo and enter Lion’s cage and nobody noticed him. I would have thought that there were CCTV cameras all over the place with a central control unit. Unfortunately, we do not have such a system.

The most shocking thing to all of us was learning that the victim was killed by a lion. In criminology, it could be proven that someone killed the man, threw the police off guard, and staged the crime scene to appear as if the man was killed by a lion.

“For example, the person could have been killed by someone, and the killer could have made it appear to be an accident. Some criminals are skilled at moving bodies. It would be difficult to say that the man died because he was attacked by a lion until it is confirmed that he was killed by a lion.”

“As a result, we should not jump to the conclusion that the man was killed by a lion.” I would have expected the police to investigate the matter and reach a conclusion after thoroughly investigating all of the facts. Unfortunately, we took the body and spread the rumour that he was killed by a lion. You jeopardize the investigation by doing so.”

Speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, he stated that he has personally visited the Zoo and examined the security situation, concluding that it is inadequate.

“I have visited the Zoo on several occasions and have concluded that the security is inadequate. Although you would be checked before entering, there are other areas where people could go. The security is zero. If there are hardened criminals who want to take advantage of the poor security there, they will succeed. I’m not preaching for any wrongdoing, but the security there is inadequate.”

According to Adib Saani, our security situation at the Zoo is deplorable.

Meanwhile, we have special species of animals there, and if they are stolen, we will lose them all.


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