This Prez & his people have confirmed they have no clue to manage education-Dr. Apaak to

A Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee of Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak, has taken the government to the cleaners.

Reacting to the introduction of the semester-based education calendar for basic schools, the lawmaker said the government is having no clue in managing the sector.

He said the introduction of such a major decision should have been done through a broad stakeholder consultation with all relevant and key bodies in the sector.

Dr. Apaak noted that the input of other stakeholders particularly when it was the teachers who would ensure that whatever policy is initiated by the government is giving effect, was key.

According to him, for such a major policy decision, the government should have engaged broadly.

On January 14, 2022, the GES announced the introduction of a semester-based academic calendar for all basic schools.

The Ghana Education Service has explained that the two-term system will help reduce pressure on teachers, decongest the various schools, and help align academic calendars.

The GES further argued that research conducted showed that the three-term system was not favouring basic school teachers who sought to upgrade themselves, thus making them absent themselves from school.

Some teacher unions have called on the GES to immediately withdraw the new policy changing the trimester to a semester-based academic calendar for broader consultation.

The unions consisting of NAGRAT, GNAT, TEWU, and CCT-GH in a joint statement said they will fiercely resist the policy if the government fails to withdraw its decision.

Dr. Apaak said the Minority sides with the unions and want the calendar withdrawn.

He said the trimester system introduced must be withdrawn for a further and detailed consultation.

He added that the new timetable must be based on the research and imperial data to justify its implementation.

He quizzed, how do you introduce a new calendar without conferring with the relevant stakeholders?

Dr. Apaak said the new timetable will have implications for workload for teachers, for learners, and the entire education system.

The MP for Builsa South maintained that this administration has confirmed it has no clue on managing the affairs of education in Ghana and solving a problem that does not exist.

“Our position is that the new calendar should be withdrawn. It should be withdrawn. We have not been conducted as parliament.”


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