There’s an urgent need for revision of legal education to reflect modern changes- VC, UG

Mary Chinery-Hesse, Chancellor of the University of Ghana, has called for a review of the country’s legal education system.

She explained that the need to revisit the Legal Professions Act (Act 32) is to reflect modern-day demands.

According to her, the world we live in has changed, so we must change the face of legal education to reflect the changes.

She also emphasised the importance of stakeholders ensuring quality in lawyer training, despite the country’s high demand.

“The world we live in has changed exponentially since the Legal Professions Act was passed 62 years ago and there is an urgent need for its revision to reflect these changes and make the training of lawyers in Ghana more relevant and in tune with the world we live in today.”

“I would like to reiterate the need to balance the training of the large number of lawyers that are needed in the country with the quality of education offered, as well as the provision of human and material resources of the institutions that train our lawyers,” she said at a graduation ceremony organised by the school law.


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