There would be a unity government-Guinea coup leader pledges

The coup leader in Guinea, Col Mahamady Doumbouya, has addressed the media after meeting ministers from President Alpha Condé’s government.

He has given his strongest assurance that a government of national unity would be formed in a few weeks.

According to him, no minister from Mr Condé’s government should leave the country, and they must hand over their passports.

Meanwhile, Mining companies are to continue with their work, and the curfew is lifted in their work areas.

”There will be no witch-hunt of former ministers, but justice will take its course,” he added.

Special forces in Guinea on Sunday, September 5, 2021, dissolved the constitution and shut the country’s land and air borders.

The coup plotters announced a ‘national committee for assembly and development’, and said the constitution will be rewritten.

The new military leaders announced a nationwide curfew “until further notice”, saying it would convene President Alpha Conde’s cabinet ministers and other senior politicians at 11 am (11:00 GMT) on Monday.


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