There was a system in place to automate asset declaration when I was Auditor-General- Domelevo

Former Auditor General Daniel Domelevo has revealed that he had in place measures to automate the asset declaration process before he left office.

The issue of asset declaration by public officers has become topical once again following the issues surrounding late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie aka Sir John’s Will.

According to him, there was a process in place to modernize the process.

“Before leaving office, we had started the process of automating the declaration process whereby we develop software by which people would just go online and do the declaration…I actually called on a team from the World Bank to come and do quality assurance of what we have delivered and they actually marked it clean, but we were not able to operationalize that before I left office and the rest is history,” he said.

He further revealed that he had no regrets about leaving a better-paying job to serve as Auditor General.

He opined that it was an opportunity for him to serve his country.

“I left the better paying job but I could not have gotten that better paying job without what the country Ghana gave to me so I thought it was time to also give back to my country,” he said.


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