The story of the teacher who swims to school is a sad development- Group

According to Teachers and Trainees Advocacy, the story about the teacher who swims to school is a sad development.

Antwi Kakari Patrick, the group’s convener, stated that such stories are disheartening because the teaching profession is noble and teachers must be respected.

He believes the development should serve as a wake-up call to the Ghana Education Service, the Education Ministry, and all other stakeholders in the sector.

Despite the challenges he faces, he stated that the teacher in question is motivated by imparting knowledge to his students.

The story of Nana Kwame, a teacher at the Lope Primary School in the Savannah region’s East Gonja, went viral due to the circumstances in which he transports himself to school.

To get to school on time, the teacher would have to travel an extremely long distance on his motorcycle.

When this mode of transportation is unavailable, he swims to school.

But the Advocacy group says it was not the best.

“I read about the story, and it is very sad from the standpoint of advocacy. Education is a tool for economic development, so all necessary resources must be made available to improve teaching and learning.

The teacher in question is enthusiastic about passing on knowledge to his students. That is professionalism. He wants to put his skills to use, but he faces a challenge in getting from where he lives to where he is supposed to work. If you do not take precautions in such a situation, you will become demoralised. However, the teacher in question is already motivated, but there is no accommodation where he teaches. This should serve as a rallying call for the education ministry, the GES, and all other stakeholders.”

“What he needs right now is a place to stay. Interestingly, NAGRAT has emphasised the importance of the government making accommodations for teachers. Teachers have a difficult time finding accommodations in the areas where they teach. Teachers should be accommodated in such circumstances. Be should be encouraged. He has expressed a strong desire to work, so all necessary assistance must be provided to him,” he said in an interview on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal/

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