The solutions to ending the flooding situation are not far from us, govt must release the money-Planner

Former President of Ghana Instituted of Planners has called for an immediate desilting of drains in Accra as part of the short term measures to free all chocked drains in the city to improve the flow of rainwater during the season and prevent flooding.

Speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Dr. Stephen Yirenkyi explained that desilting and dredging of the drains were not enough to prevent flooding adding, that drastic measures must be taken to end the annual cycle of flooding in the city in the long term.

He advised the government to consider re-engineering the city’s drainage system, to ensure proper mechanization of all drains and free flow of rainwater to prevent flooding.

He also wants the government to seek help from professionals in dealing with the problem and provide the needed resources to address the existing challenges.

To planners and engineers, he asked them to consider the issue of climate change when planning.

He said the global climate is changing, leading to increased hazards, extreme weather conditions, and transformations to the physical environment across the world and Ghana is not excluded, so, we need to take action on climate change.

Achieving these targets requires immediate and committed action at every level of government and society, and across all communities and sectors. The government must be prepared to put in the resources to address these challenges,” he added.

He said considering climate change in the planning process requires a drastic shift in the way our communities are built since its impact will help address challenges we face today and that of the future.

He advised Ghanaians to stop the dumping of waste indiscriminately and into drains.

He asked the government to consider greening and beautifying the city to allow rainwater to easily run off and sip away into the earth.


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